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    Fastener Specifications
    Type: R400
    Length (Min. - Max.): 10 mm - 38 mm

    Furniture, curtain-rod, coffin making, sublayers, box making etc.



    The DuoDoweler DDF 40 introduces greater ease and efficiency to the task of drilling accurate dowel holes. Its hallmarks are a broad range of applications, a new ergonomic design for easy handling, and absolutely aligned, stable joints. Whether in the workshop or on site, no other hand-held power tool can produce such high-quality joints.


    Rows of holes.
    Drilling for fittings/hardware.
    Ideal for carcass and staircase construction in the workshop and on site.
    Compatible materials include solid wood and board materials.
    All types of joints from 3 - 12 mm (1/8 in. - 1/2 in.).

    Size: 255mm
    Bore: 25,4mm
    Teeth: 28
    Kerf: 1,7mm


    ♦   1x BCD 360 Knot Filler gun with adjustable thermostat
    ♦   1x bag of Knot Filler (9 sticks of 300mm, Ø12mm)
    ♦   1x Cooling iron (180x80mm)
    ♦   1x Cutting tool
    ♦   Manual and color chart

    LignoLoc is the first ever fireable wooden nail for future- oriented use in industrial production and ecological timber construction (among many other applications). 

    The Lignoloc System consists of the LiGNOLOC pneumatic nailer from FASCO F44AC CN15-PS60A and the wooden nails in the dimensions of 40mm, 50mm, 60mm & 65mm. 

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